Woo Galbi, Modern Korean House

Yahallo! Ah, Korean Food. It’s pretty rare to see Korean Restaurants nowadays. Manila has been dominated by Japanese and Italian food now. Pratically 70% of new restaurants now are either Japanese or Italian. Seriously. While I was looking for a … Continue reading

California Pizza Kitchen — Mozzarella Day!

Yahallo! Just a while ago in Shangri-La Plaza, I had an afternoon snack at California Pizza Kitchen. My sister requested for us to eat there since she really, really loves their salad. As you can see from the previous sentence, this is not our first time to dine at CPK and at this branch.IMG_9129

Now, you’ve probably been wondering, “Where’s the mozzarella?”

You’ll find out yourself.

Mozarella Sticks: Really good. It was a bit too chewy for my liking but they really spent on the cheese. I suggest you eat it without the tomato sauce first then if you don’t like it, try putting the tomato sauce or you can go wild and go straight to the sauce. Haha! Okay, that was weird.


The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, P345, P585
The reason why we ate there, the salad. Great combination of flavors with chicken with the best BBQ sauce and cheese. Don’t forget the cheese!

This was suggested by our waitress, Cris. She was really kind, she asked us if we enjoyed our meal and gave us the wifi passowrd without us asking. (She even wrote it down for us without asking!) Anyway, this was slightly spicy even though we asked for mild but it was tolerable enough to eat. When it came to our table, I thought it was the wrong order because it kind of looks like pancit instead of pasta but it was still good.

Pepperoni Pizza, P290
If you’re eating at CPK, you obviously have to order pizza. I mean, it’s in the name!
This was one of the best pepperoni pizzas I’ve ever tasted. Maybe because we don’t order pepperoni often or because… there’s mozzarella! Haha! I love mozzarella too much. Seriously, there were huge blobs (blobs?) of mozzarella in there, not that it’s a bad thing.

If you’d like to eat at CPK you can find it here:

2/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall (near Secret Recipe and Cafe Metro)
SHaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 687-7841 to 42

This is just one of the many branches. The one above is the one I happen to dine at.

I guess that’s the end of my first blog post. Thanks for reading!