Oster My Blend VS Shake N Take: Personal “Grab & Go” Blenders

Yahallo! This summer’s heat has to be the hottest one yet! I don’t think anyone could ever survive without air conditioning. Last month’s electricity bill went up by 20%, it just goes to show how hot it is. Lately, I’ve … Continue reading

My Top 15 Picks at Manila Fashion Festival Fall/Winter 2015

Watching fashion shows has always been a great pastime of mine, whether on TV, photos or live. I enjoy surfing through the net, updating myself with the latest collections of international fashion designers, haute couture most especially. But while looking … Continue reading

Anime Sequels You Should Be Watching This Summer

Yahallo~! If you haven’t noticed, I am a huge Otaku, an anime freak. Summer is the time I get updated again with the new animes and manga after the tiresome months of school. Now that school is finally over, I … Continue reading