Oster My Blend VS Shake N Take: Personal “Grab & Go” Blenders

Yahallo! This summer’s heat has to be the hottest one yet! I don’t think anyone could ever survive without air conditioning. Last month’s electricity bill went up by 20%, it just goes to show how hot it is. Lately, I’ve been craving for some halo-halo, milk tea, frappucinos, basically any ice cold drink that ever existed. Heat makes me lazy, and it’s way too hot to go outisde for a drink, I mean, you’re going to finish it in 30 seconds anyway! So why not make it at home and have the freedom to drink it in the comfort of your house or bring it along with you wherever you want. Recently, many electronic/kitchenware companies have been releasing solo blenders that have a detachable bottle which you connect to a mini blender stand. They have been gaining popularity this season for their accessibility and inexpensive price. (around 1/10 cost of a regular stand blender)

For the very much delayed 2nd installment of Quest to the Best, I will be comparing the 2 leading personal blenders in the market. The kitchenware legend, Oster’s My Blend and the original creator of the personal blender, Shake N Take.


Shake N Take, $24.17 via Amazon (Php 1077.39)
– one color only

– newer versions Shake N Take 2 & 3 are out (Shake n Take 3 has a 4 color selection)

-16 oz

Shake N Take 2

Shake N Take 3

Oster My Blend, $24.99 via Amazon (Php 1114.84)

– 4 colors (pink, green, blue, orange)

20 Ounce

Oster My Blend Colors

 My Experience

Both blenders did their job of properly blending some berries, fruits, ice cream, milk and juice together. There was no particular difference in speed, texture or noise also. Prices were very much identical as well. If you’re purchasing both items from the same place, you will most likely be given a 3-12 month warranty. In my case, I bought mine from my local department store that offers a 6 month service. Now obviously, there is a reason why I am saying this.

They break down shortly after.

“They”, meaning both.

The blenders were great! I used them alternately everyday, and it was fine. I could run out the door with a bottle of a fresh shake or a creamy smoothie! Everyday become much more exciting than just ‘everyday’. It was like living in Jamba Juice for life. But after around 15 weeks of alternate usage, my Shake N Take stopped function. I don’t know what happened. The wires and all the pieces were fine. I had it returned and continued to use my Oster My Blend. I was still very much satisfied for many months. Well, until it started acting up and releasing some smoke. It was already 6 and a half months since I got my Shake N Take and Oster My Blend. Sadly, I couldn’t have it returned anymore since I had passed the 6 month time frame.

Obviously, the Oster My Blend was better, but not exactly worth it. 25 dollars for almost everyday use for 6 months isn’t too bad but I like things that will last me years. I still recommend getting the Oster My Blend, but keep in mind that it won’t last long, so don’t get too attached. If you do decide to purchasing one, I suggest you keep the box and receipt.

Oster wins. I enjoyed them while they lasted.

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*No photo in this post belongs to me.*

Thanks for reading! Farewell and Stay Frosting!


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