Met Gala 2015 (Memes Inclusive)

One of the most entertaining annual event galleries to look at HAS to be the Met Gala or Met Ball. It’s a yearly fundraiser that takes place in New York celebrating costumes, attended by the biggest designers and celebrities. This year’s Met Ball is really surprising. It is on a completely different level from the past years. They were overly over-the-top. No other red carpet event could ever compare to the outfits the Met Gala gave. 


China: Through the Looking Glass


Rihanna in Guo Pei

 Oh yes. This is something only Riri could do. I can’t imagine how long it took to make that dress. I hope I’m not the only one reminded of the material they use for the Chinese Dragon Dance.

I mean, look at it!


And it’s been memed a lot too. 

 Pick your topping! 
Another head turning outfit was worn by my favorite SJP. 


 The dress is actually nice, good fabric and in-theme. But man, that headdress. It’s definitely a work of art, the way those flames curled were flawlessly executed, still, you can’t help but think that her head is on fire.

The memes came quick as well. 


And if you mix them together, 


While looking through my Instagram newsfeed (flooded with celebrities at the Met Ball), I noticed something awfully similar. 

Queen Bey, J.Lo and Kim K wearing identical sheer embellished gowns. Only the boldest of the bold would do this, (no pun intended) and they all did it at the same time.

Just seeing one of them wear this is shocking. But all three, too much, I could call them the Big Three when it comes to red carpet events like these.

If I had to choose, I’d pick J.Lo’s, the gradient at the bottom is perfect. I feel like Kim’s figure didn’t suit the dress as much, and would have fit a slimmer and less curvy figure.
Random others:


Miranda Kerr

Anne Hathaway in Ralph Lauren

  Anne Hathaway wears a Jedi-Inspired gown in honor of Star Wars day, which was coincidentally on the day of the Gala.

Emma Roberts


Keri Russell



How does that even happen.  

Lady Gaga




Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen

  I adore this dress! It’s the classic A-Line Chinese gown with the most wonderfully placed tail.

Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi

Unexpected, but I think this is my favorite look. I love everything about it. The sun accessories, the black and white print at the back, sun patches, I’m digging it all! Classy and fitting for a young 18 year old girl
Thanks for reading! Farewell and stay frosting! 



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