My Top 15 Picks at Manila Fashion Festival Fall/Winter 2015

Watching fashion shows has always been a great pastime of mine, whether on TV, photos or live. I enjoy surfing through the net, updating myself with the latest collections of international fashion designers, haute couture most especially. But while looking at the gallery for the second Manila Fashion Festival this year, I was very impressed with our local designers. 

 Here are my Top 15 for all 4 days,

1. Michael Leyva

2. Cheetah Rivera

3. John Herrera


4. Michael Leyva


5. Jerome Salaya Ang


6. Jot Losa


7. John Hererra


8. Banggo Niu


9. Jerome Salaya Ang


10. John Hererra


11. Rhett Eala

12. Anthony Ramirez


13. Banggo Niu


14. Jerome Salaya Ang


15. Odelon Simpao


 The show showcased 26 of Manila’s talented young designers, my favorites were Michael Leyva, Banggo Niu, Jot Losa, John Hererra and Jerome Salaya Ang. They were able to show consistency throughout their entire collections, something I very much appreciate. ‘Til the next Manila Fashion Fest! 

*No photo in this post belongs to me* 

 Thanks for reading! Farewell and stay frosting!



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