Antojos : Cravings

Yahallo! For this weeks dinner, I really felt like having a nice hearty and traditional supper. I didn’t wat to go too far from where I lived so I visited a new local restaurant right around the corner, Antojos Restaurante. 



You can already get the Spanish-Colonial theme of the restaurant with the antique chairs, wooden furnishings, stained glass and intricate carvings. The exterior and interior of the restaurant is similar to the other shops in the neighborhood like the famous antique shops, JO LIZA and Not too Shabby, that happen to be across the street.   

  Their menu was not very “in-theme”, I should say. But it is very amusing to have your menu on a tablet. It is not my first time to encounter a tablet menu, but never in a Filipino restaurant like this. Haphazard!

Jalapeno Crunch, P290

I was hoping for a light and crunchy crusted shrimp combination with a tangy jalapeño flavor, but just once piece was super heavy and nakakasawa. I was not able to differentiate the different components in each piece ude to the dominant sauce.

Complimentary Bread

It is very unlikely to be served free bread in non-Italian restaurants because they use it as a device to stall your hunger and impatience steady in case of a delay. Most of the time, in non-Italian restaurants, the bread is really plain, tasting like the usually budget breads from the supermarket. But Antojo’s complimentary bread is amazing, it is so great that I’ve already written so much about and even included it in this post. It is a coffee bread, served warm and crackly on the outside but extremely soft and fluffy on the inside. One of the best breads (including paid breads) I have tasted. Ever. 


Cheesy Beef Kaldereta, P510

 The combination of tomato and cheese is one of the popular food combinations ever  (Second to bacon and eggs , of course.) Kaldereta sauce is generally a tomato sauce, except more acidic. But I have never seen a Kaldereta with cheese. I was very excited, and I loved it. Most people like their Kaldereta with a thin and acidic tomato sauce, but this one had  a more  pasta-like sauce, an almost ketchup consistency, if you will. I actually liked the thicker combination. It didn’t work for some, but it did for me. The only complaint I have here was that the beef was really tough, I honestly expected a more tender and lean piece of meat, considering the price. Oh well, I liked the sauce.

Crispy Bicol Express, P320

The sauce was too bland for me and it was missing that coconut flavor. It was an okay dish for me, and I really love Bicol Express.  

Lengua Estofado, P485

 I am not the biggest fan of Lengua, but I surprisingly enjoyed this Lengua Estofado.  The sauce wasn’t as flavorful as I had deemed it to be but the mashed potato has the perfect consistency and seasoning. 


  Super crispy fish with the best sweet soy sauce. It’s almost Thai, but it tastes really Filipino. I have nothing to say. It’s too amazing. 

Antojo’s Pork Barbecue, P240 (5 pieces)

The marinade was good and the pork was tender, nothing too fancy though. Very reasonably priced.    

Pinaputok na Apahap, P595

Smoky fish like Inihaw, except it has  the perfect balanced built-in flavor. 

Antojos Restaurante

3 General S. De Jesus

Bgy. Little Baguio, San Juan City

Thanks for reading! Farewell and Stay Frosting!



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