A Seafood Birthday Bucket – Shrimp Bucket

Yahello! Welcome back! Sorry I haven’t posted anything since… early January? See, I don’t even remember. Anyway, during January, I was extremely busy with school with all those competitions and as for February, I tried posting here every few days but it doesn’t work so I got a new wifi connector. Then early March, I had exams.


Okay, so enough with the explanations.


Last February, it was my birthday month! Yay! Not really.
For my birthday my family and I ate a Shrimp Bucket at the newly opened UP Town Center (not so new anymore.).





Here’s some pictures of how it looks like inside:





Unfortunately, crab and fish were not available.
At least shrimp wasn’t. I could’ve walked out if it were.


Buffalo Wings, P225
These wings are extremely good. They’re so flavorful, crunchy and SPICY! Not THAT spicy. Okay, it’s spicy.


Fresh Cut Fries, P78 (sides)
These were okay. Like any other ordinary restaurant fries. But I wouldn’t pay P78 for it.


Chicken Wings, P225
Crunchy and tender. Not as good as the buffalo wings but still delicious.


Dad’s Seared Chicken in Coconut Milk, P225
I love this dish! I’m not a huge fan of coconut but for some reason, I really like this. Like really. Although if you order this, I think you should share. It’s pretty heavy.

Now for the most awaited part… SHRIMP!


Shrimp #1: Mardi Gras, P560
From the 3 types of shrimp I’ve ordered, this one is the best. It has the most flavor. (probably because it has meat) It was sweet and savoury. The other two I got, didn’t have much flavor so we finished this one first and added the other bags of shrimp to the extra sauce of this one.


Shrimp #2, P560


Shrimp #3, P560

I really wish the plastic bags we placed in a bucket so it would really be a “shrimp bucket” rather than a plastic bag full of shrimp just lying on the table.

Note: I forgot the names of the other two since they didn’t have much flavor so I couldn’t match it with the ones on the menu. Sorry!


Asian Shrimp Bucket Beef Stew, P270
Soft potatoes, tender beef and thick luscious stew, it could be the best combination ever. I’m sorry. I’m bias to beef, potatoes and sauce/gravy. It’s just my favorite! ❤

If you would like to eat in Shrimp Bucket, here’s the address.

UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave (1st floor)
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

If I am not mistaken, they also have a branch at The Fort. 🙂

Thank you for reading! Farewell and stay frosting!


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